trodo games 5.2016
11:00 am11:00

trodo games 5.2016

  • crossfit illumine

be a part of the trodo games! t's all about community! trodo events are always team-based and accessible to all skill levels.

85% of trodo games athletes have never done another event like thisso, if you've thought about putting yourself out us, this is the right event for you! team trodo is ready to support you every step of the way!

learn more about trodo box league.

games workouts are teams-of-four workouts designed for athletes across all skill levels and categoriesthey are always a blast with a focus on fun, teamwork, strategy, and intensity! 

we'll release the workouts several weeks before the event...that way you and your team can start practicing! check out our programming vision and our games workout archives to get a feel for the fun and exciting way we program! 

get notified when team registration opens and when workouts are released!

trodo open 4.2016
9:00 am09:00

trodo open 4.2016

  • your box

the trodo open is for everyone, and it's held at your box four times per year! it's all about community, and your participation matters. open workouts are always accessible, fun and team-based...and being a part of it is free. learn more about trodo box league!

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