about trodo

Trotó means vulnerability. To achieve great things, you must first have the courage to put yourself out there, to be vulnerable. Vulnerability is a trait that can be cultivated by anyone. It's a mentality of trial that confidently and calmly risks failure in the pursuit of progress, often built on the foundation of a supporting community. The grit developed through a life-long commitment to vulnerability elevates our self-worth and quality of life. 

what we do

We dramatically improve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through MyndJive, a life-changing mindset program, and Trodo at Work, a team-based fitness program to build character and transform health. We believe that everyone, across all socioeconomic levels, deserves to have access to life-changing resources and unwavering support to live the healthiest lives possible. From our pursuits to empower people through fitness, it's now clear that people need a different kind of help. People need help building the skills to manage their mindsets to shift towards improved fitness and/or nutrition, and to show up stress-free, mindful and full of joy every day. 

We're now focused on creating a movement --- by getting MyndJive into the hands of millions of people. It's the first step-by-step, relevant and raw roadmap, empowering people to manage their mindset to create a new sense of calm, discipline and happiness -- and to truly embrace their bad ass selves...in just weeks.

tiffaney florentine, founder & ceo

she's a veteran, ex-management consultant, fitness enthusiast reimagining potential by driving social connection and health. 

Tiffaney has had the opportunity to impact health through management consulting in the human capital, health care, and behavioral economic spaces. The unlock to reverse the downward health spiral in the United States is to leverage the power of community, social influence and functional fitness by meeting people where they are emotionally and financially, at work. We build program structures, not benefits within workplaces. 

Tiffaney is tenacious about changing the world by empowering people to be in the best mental, emotional and physical condition of their lives through MyndJive (a mindset empowerment program) and through Trodo (an empowering and emotionally engaging fitness approach within workplaces).


  • 6 years experience at Trodo; corporate fitness facility and program management, customer engagement consulting and research within functional fitness gyms

  • 2 years as the Creator of MyndJive, a mindset development program

  • 5 years of management consulting experience; Deloitte, Ernst & Young and Gallup consulting

  • 6 years serving in the United States Air Force and served in the Central Intelligence Agency

  • MBA in Strategy and Healthcare Management and BSBA from the Ohio State University

  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Kids, NASM certifications, Starrett Mobility 101 and 102 certifications

  • NBC's American Gladiator contender and finalist

  • Life Coaching and Meditation Certifications

  • Lululemon Legacy Ambassador

Nate suchomel, VP of athlete Experience

Nate serves relentlessly by empowering the trodo family to drive progress in all areas of their lives.

Nate leads a transformative functional fitness program, and serves individuals 1:1 through goal setting, life-empowerment strategies and teaches practical mobility skills to empower athletes to be their best every single day. He is extremely fired up to lead the Trodo family, and is excited to be a key component of both Trodo and MyndJive’s success.


  • 4 years, Public Strength and Conditioning

  • 5 years, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning

  • Master of Science: Sport and Exercise Science, West Texas A&M University

  • Bachelor of Arts: Sports Science, Loras College

  • USAW Level 1 Certification

team trodo

the core of the chicago functional fitness community.

Team Trodo was created to deliver life changing experiences for athletes at Trodo Box League events throughout the year. They were hand picked from across the Chicagoland area because of their passion for fitness and their belief that we are stronger together. Our red shirts create a unique one-of-a-kind experience where athletes across all fitness levels have a chance to put themselves out there as a community, in team-based events, in a safe supportive environment truly created to include everyone. You might see your grandma in the Trodo games, or even a regional athlete, and both are sure to reach their own intensity level and have an incredible time. The games are always magical, and for many athletes, it's truly a life changing experience. Currently, we're focusing on changing lives in the workplace, by delivering this style of fitness that could never afford it otherwise, but Team Trodo remains on call for future events!