trodo at work

Trodo at Freedman Seating Co., Chicago, IL

Workplace wellness must be about true transformation, emotionally and physically, not about getting your steps in to 'check the box'. We are experts at building fitness communities within workplaces to drive social connection and employee wellbeing. our group-based, functional fitness approach is highly curated, focusing on fun, intensity, and progress. we create a love for fitness. Love creates prioritization, behavior change, nutrition changes, self-improvement and true character change, in the gym, and then transcends into all aspects of life.

What we do

  • Employee wellbeing program strategy
  • Fitness facility startup and management; end-t0-end, including equipment acquisition, staffing, administrative, etc.
  • Group-based, functional fitness programming; combining cardio, strength and bodyweight movements
  • Soft tissue skill development (mobility) to achieve pain free movement patterns
  • ROI and impact analysis

Wells Fargo Stories, How a seating manufacturer is getting its employees off their butts

impact at freedman seating co. 

  • 11% of employees are in the Trodo fitness program and attend 2-5x per week; production, office staff, and executives.
  • 90% of Trodo athletes love the program.
  • 83% are more likely to recommend the company because of the fitness program. 
  • 76% of Trodo program members are more likely to stay at the company because of the program.
  • 19% of athletes avoided seeking medical care because they learned and applied soft tissue self-care tactics to achieve pain free movement patterns; alleviating back, knee and shoulder pain.
  • 11% increase in production.
  • The Trodo athlete employee engagement ratio is 4:1, compared to a 2:1 ratio across the company and the manufacturing industry; Gallup engagement survey data linked to 9 business outcomes. 


Our team

Our team has extensive human capital consulting, group-based fitness consulting and program development experience. Our consultative approach is grounded in positive psychology and behavioral science. We love what we do and we love to partner with like-minded people that want to make people better, and change the world.