team registration rules

  • only athletes from a registered trodo box can register for the trodo games
  • all four athletes on a team must be from the same box; if not, teams won't be eligible to stack up on the leaderboard
  • teams can register regardless of trodo open participation
  • CAT1, CAT2 or MASTERS 40+ teams must have 2 males and 2 females
  • CAT3 / 'just for fun' teams can have any mix of athletes
  • teams can sub athletes. please send us a note to give us a heads up
  • team registration fees are non-refundable

how early registration works

  1. coaches recommend trodo games teams when they submit trodo open scores
    • boxes recommend teams for early registration; teams across all CATs!
    • boxes are guaranteed a certain number of games spots (see below)
    • trodo open participation is not required
  2. recommended teams will receive an invitation to register from trodo
    • after early registration closes (about a week), the spot goes back up for grabs to the rest of the league
    • if a recommended team has to make a few athletes changes, that's ok! 
  3. after early registration
    • there will be extra spots up for grabs to all trodo athletes, but they are limited!

trodo games allocations per box

we guarantee each box a set number of team spots, based on the size of their community. We do this to make sure every community has a chance to get in on the action, and we cap the number of teams to be able to provide every trodo athlete with an incredibles experience.


how we allocate spots
0-100 members: 1 spot
101-200 members: 2 spots
201+ members: 4 spots