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why the party schedule matters

we are obsessed with providing every athlete with the best party imaginable, every single day.

we spread athletes across classes so we can keep you all safe and coach our faces off, to help you make progress every time you walk into the trodo palace! 

you've seen us herd you all around in classes of's fun sometimes, but quite cray cray, so please help us smooth things out by following your party schedule. 

your party schedule

if you're scheduled to party, we expect to see your smiling face...every time you're scheduled. you committed to us, we committed to you, so we expect you to keep prioritizing your health and wellbeing, by prioritizing your time at trodo. 

if you're not schedule for a class, please don't roll in unexpectedly. we've committed to help other athletes get better during that scheduled time. if you need an exception, please reach out to or stop in. we will work something out, because we love you all and love to see you all get better! 

missing in action

if you're missing in action for more than 10 days (and we haven't chatted about your situation) your spot can be given to an athlete with better attendance that would like your spot. as you can see, everyone wants to party, so tell us what you can commit to and then show up and crush it!

schedule changes

do you want more parties? fewer parties? then complete the form above and enter your requested changes. we are committed to helping you get better, so we will do whatever we can to help you get your parties in!