the trodo open

it's for everyone.
it's all about community.
and your participation matters.

open workouts happen at your box four times a year - they are accessible to all skill levels and FREE for athletes!

mark your calendar

trodo open: dec 3 @yourbox
vip/early registration: dec 7
games registration: dec 14
games: jan 21 @crossfitillumine


is this for me?

yes! it's for everyone! workouts are designed to be fun, team-based and exciting. you'll never get 'stuck' on a movement or put your team out.  just show up at your box on trodo saturday or put your name on the whiteboard. your coach will help you find the right category and team.

what's next?

if you love being a part of a team, want to try something new, or you're ready for the next challenge, come and be a part of the trodo games! like the open, it's designed to include all skill are ready! 

trodo open 12.2016

get excited for the next trodo open! at your gym/box on december 3rd (but feel free to do it earlier if you are going to be out of town!)'s a team of four workout and it's a ton of fun! check out the details below...and take a look at some of the previous trodo workouts to get a feel for the fun!

the workout: 14min amrap, ground to row-verhead
the score: ground to overhead reps + row calories = one big score!
the movements: row (for calories), ground to overhead, burpees over the bar 

the workout
as a team of four, accumulate as many row calories and as many ground to overhead reps as possible. only one barbell may be working at a time, and any time an athlete changes on the barbell, two burpees over the bar must be completed by a member of the team. 

the goal
accumulate as many ground to overhead reps and row calories as possible during the 14 minutes.

the weights
cat 1: 95/65
cat 2 / masters 40+: 75/55
cat 3: athlete's choice

workout flow

the team will have 14 minutes to accumulate as many reps as possible on the barbell and as many calories as possible on the rower. only two athletes may work at a time, one on the rower and one on a barbell. there are no minimum or maximum work requirements, but when a switch in athletes happens on the barbell, one athlete from the team must complete 2 burpees over the bar before a new athlete can beginning work on the barbell. there are no buy-in movements for switching athletes on the rower.

**remember, when the workout begins, two burpees over the bar must be completed before beginning work on the barbell!** 

team trodo tips
communicate like crazy! keep a running count on the ground to overheads...and mark them down at every 50 or so and start a new count. switch on and off of that barbell often...the reps will add up fast! and, don't forget...anyone on the team can do the two burpee buy-in, so feel free to use your extra resting athlete for it. 

workout / movement standards

ground to overhead: a rep will count when the barbell is brought from the floor to an overhead position and the athlete returns to a standing position with the arms locked out overhead and the hips and legs fully extended. athletes can clean & jerk or snatch the barbell, as long as the arms are locked out overhead and the hips and legs are fully extended.

row: the rower handle must be racked before an incoming athlete can switch to the rower. an ongoing count of calories will be counted for the duration of the workout. 

burpees over the bar: a rep will count when the athlete brings the chest and hips to the ground on one side of the bar, then jumps or steps both feet over the bar onto the ground.  

coach's corner

check out all the resources to keep you in the know! submit your scores and your recommended teams by monday, december 5th!