trodo program | 3x per week, 45-minute classes

trodo program, 3x per week

trodo includes three 45-minute trodo classes every week for only $20 per month. you get access to a guided, coached experience that's incredibly fun and focused on results! 

if you're ready get in the best shape of your life and have fun while doing it, then trodo is for you! to get started, register for the trodo program!

when you start trodo, you'll be assigned to a trodo on-ramp class time that you will attend for 2-weeks (6 classes). in these classes, you'll learn key movements and skills, get a great workout and have a ton of fun! if you miss a class, we will work with you to make up the class. after your first 6 classes, you'll be ready to attend any class time. as trodo grows, we'll keep adding classes for your convenience. 

the freedman family is incredibly proud to be significantly subsidizing this program for all employees. 

trodo basics    | required, 45 minutes class

trodo basics | required, 45 minutes class

trodo basics, required for open gym access

to get started in the trodo fitness program, or for open gym access we will take you through a required, 45-minutes class.

trodo coaches will help you get comfortable with the gym and help you decide what's the best path for you to achieve your fitness goals. we'll get to know you, your fitness goals, we'll review the gym rules and then we'll do a quick, super fun workout as a team!

1:1 intro session  | 30 minute chat

1:1 intro session | 30 minute chat

1:1 intro, 30-minute chat

would like to meet with us 1:1 instead of attending trodo basics with a small group? that's no problem! we'd love to meet with you to learn about your fitness goals so that we can help you get started at the freedman fitness center.

still have questions on how to get started?

email, call 312.883-5386 or stop by the fitness center. we'd be glad to help you! please check the fitness center hours and swing by to see us at your convenience. view the fitness center schedule