trodo box league is for your entire box. it's team-based and ongoing.
trodo was created to give athletes across all skill levels the chance to put themselves out there in events all year round. it's all about community, being vulnerable and getting better together.


upcoming events

open: dec 3 @yourbox

games: jan 21 @crossfitillumine

trodo open

it's all about community and your participation matters. open workouts are at your box four times a year. workouts are accessible to all skill levels and free! Just show up and your coach will help you find the team and trodo category that's right for you.

trodo games

it's all about community and representing your box with pride. put yourself out there as a part of a front of an incredible great crowd. register your team-of-four for the games! the energy is legit! you need to experience it...seriously.


the four category choices include everyone at your box. every workout is designed to be fun and team-based. and we promise you'll never get 'stuck' or put your team out.


see where your box stacks up against other boxes in the league! here's how you're scored:

  • 1/3 trodo open participation
  • 1/3 trodo open scores
  • 1/3 trodo games scores

join the league

we're proud to share our trodo mission with boxes that believe community is everything, just like we do. 

if your box is a great fit for trodo, then apply for the league by telling us why. we can't wait to hear from your community!

check out who's in the league

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